Full Grown & Talking About Fountains

by Jacob Smigel



My second proper album, "Full Grown...," was released by Not Not Fun Records (NNF007) in late 2004, and a companion 7" followed several months later. The album art was achieved through a somewhat unique, but labor-intensive process: blank digi-paks decorated with two layers of sign vinyl. I worked at a production art studio at the time and was familiar with the material and also had access to a plotter to cut the vinyl, large rolls of transfer tape, and a press to help apply it. I was working with some aged and discarded rolls of material, so the colors did change throughout the first run. The end result proved delicate-- as some of the lettering was prone to peeling off-- but also striking due to the bold colors and shellac-finish.

The album was recorded at home, by myself, with an upgraded USB interface. Like "Animal Diseases" before it, I played most of the parts on the album, still using an odd mix of instruments including chord organ, Casio SK-5 keyboard, a child's drum set, kazoo, and bell piano. I can appreciate now how these songs tell the story of my life then: road trips, nonsense and wordplay, parasites and the biological sciences, a meaningful relationship, and my early experiences in allied health as an ambulance attendant.

After this album's release, I began playing more live shows in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, and then went on a West Coast tour with two other bands on the Not Not Fun Label. From this point on, we began to transition from a kinder-band to one composed of more traditional instruments and amps, which helped these songs evolve somewhat.


released November 1, 2004

All songs written by J. Smigel and recorded in Las Vegas, NV between 1/5/04 and 9/5/04 with the exception of "Chord Organ Lullaby" and "Improbable Song" which were written and recorded in 2003. I played all the parts on the album except the chorus on "This Jest On My Chest", bass on "Parasite," which was played by Joe Kendall, and the saxophone on "Body English," which was played by my neighbor at the time, Miller. The album was mastered in San Diego, CA by Mark Kane in October of 2004. A copy of this album (and others) should be housed somewhere in the US Library of Congress.


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Jacob Smigel Austin, Texas

Born in Las Vegas, Nevada. It screwed me up.

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